Heat Shrink

Heat shrink tubing is offered in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and shrink ratios. E.T.E. provides this unique tubing in the expanded state, and with a brief application of heat, the tubing molds itself tightly around anything it is applied to.

Typical applications using our heat shrink tubing are as diverse as component covering, water proofing, mechanical protection, strengthening, shock protection, abrasion protection, corrosion protection, encapsulation, insulation, dust proofing, sterilization, splicing, cable binding and tying, strain relief, marking, and coding.The main products include heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable bus bar tubing, heat shrinkable power cable accessories, cold shrinkable power cable accessories, Cable Branch Box, Ring-net Switch Cupboard, High and Low voltage Switchgear.

Silicone rubber insulated wire, PTFE tube, etc., altogether 9 series, 2500 types. All the products have separately received the UL, CUL and SGS Approval.